You may already know me. I published the printed version of the Tamarindo Phone Book for over 11 years.

My name is Wayne, I’ve lived full-time in Tamarindo for over 18 years and so you’ve probably seen me at on the street practicing my favorite hobby – walking. And now that I’ll be publishing this app all year, you’re likely to see me walking or driving in the nooks and crannies of the Tamarindo area looking for juicy contact info.

Before the Tamarindo Phone Book was first published, I fixed people’s computers in exchange for dinner, and so known as the Computer Doctor. I had a lot of fun with the job, but when computers became a “throw-away” item, and it was less expensive to throw them away than fix them. I began publishing the Tamarindo Phone Book.

At first many Tamarindo business owners were weary their community phone book would be ugly. But, I am sure everyone now agrees it was the most beautiful phone book ever published – anywhere! Like so many neighbors, I will miss it!

However, over time, the community benefits of converting the Phone Book to an app became overwhelming. So, I took the plunge. As also, a website developer, I thought, “How hard can this project be?” Why were so many people charging so much to make an app?¬†Well I soon found out! And 6 months behind schedule and at a cost of a nice used car the app is finally ready! I apologize for the gap between the last phone book and the app.

But, now I see and you can too see the results. Download the app and you’ll find the best designed and most comprehensive app ever made for any Costa Rican beach town!