More Than You Expect

Imagine judging Tamarindo area merchant reviews from a person you know while still keeping the reviews of strangers from Facebook and Tripadvisor only one keystroke away.

Local Knowledge

Let the Nearby Contact for your area help you sort out the validity of the reviews you see on Facebook, Google, and Tripadvisor. Plus, who has time to sort through thousands of reviews anyways.

Action Inspiring

Your Nearby Contact provides a perch to view local merchant reviews, local activities and videos. Never before has so much useful local info been in one place! This app enables you do just do it!
  • Lightening Quick Responses

    Hosted on Google Cloud. Never mushy response.
  • Rock-Solid Google Technologies

    Maps Route Drawing SMS integration Secure Firebase Constantly updated
  • Genuine Local Information

    Real local info by Nearby Contact and merchant info crowdsourced makes sure viewers get a local flavor.
  • Facebook & Tripadvisor Links

    Whenever possible, we include links on our listings to Facebook and Tripadvisor.
  • Events, Discounts, Magazine

    Events Loyalty Cards Videos Facebook Live Channels Howler Magazine Online
  • Audited by Locals

    Each merchant can enter and/or maintain their own listing.However, your Nearby Contact adds another level of accuracy.


Residents like how quickly they can find and dial someone while visitors also like the rich listing content, like maps, directions, links, photos, music, restaurant menus, inquiry forms, etc.
James, Manager at Witch's Rock
"Love this app and use it frequently!"


Famous Points

A1, Langosta Plaza
Tamarindo, Province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica 50306